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60 Families Face Social Boycott In Odisha’s Kendrapara

About 400 people of 60 families in Munda Sahi in Magurganda Patna were socially boycotted by other villagers for fear of spreading an unidentified skin infection in Kendrapara. Most members of these families earn their livelihood as day labourers. Their freedom of movement is restricted by the villagers, making it difficult for them to have a decent meal a day.

The chronology began when Lalu, a villager who worked as a day labourer in Bangalore died of a skin disease prior to his death, he had returned home because of illness. After this incident, the villagers feared the spread of the infection and socially boycotted the families living in the area. The boycotted families were not allowed to enter the market space or buy groceries and other regular items.

Nirmala Mohanty, Zilla Parishad member said that the infection is not yet confirmed to be monkeypox or any other illness. They have already contacted the local health administration for help.

The district collector said that a medical team would be allotted for the investigation and treatment of the infected would begin shortly. He further stated that the locals will be made aware of the disease, its symptoms and cure and advised the regionals not to panic.


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