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7000 Trained Manpower To Be Engaged In Covid Care Homes In Odisha

7000 Trained Manpower To Be Engaged In Covid Care Homes In Odisha

The Odisha Government has allowed engaging around 7000 trained manpower for COVID Care Homes which will include health professionals like Auxiliary nurse midwives (ANMs).

Additional Chief Secretary PK Mohapatra said that “In view of the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the country and detection of a large number of positive cases in the State, Government has proposed to establish COVID Care Homes/COVID Gruhas in each Panchayat of the State. For smooth management of these COVID Care Home, it has become necessary to augment the health workforce in the State,”

7000 Trained Manpower To Be Engaged In Covid Care Homes In Odisha 1
Odisha Government

The base-level health activity in CCHs will be managed by unemployed trained and registered ANMs along with engaging at least one unemployed ANM per each proposed COVID care home in each panchayat. As remuneration, they will be provided with Rs 850 per day.

The engagement shall be made on the following terms and conditions:

·       The engagement is purely temporary, for a period of 03 (three) months only or till COVID Care Homes are functional, whichever is earlier, keeping in view the emergency situation arising due to Covid-19.

·       The engagement is terminable at any period of time without assigning any reason thereof. Further, such engagement does not confer any right on the engage for any future engagement/regularisation of such engagement.

·       Their engagement shall be done by respective CDM&PHOs through Walk-in-interview in a transparent manner, with a proper advertisement, depending on the number of COVID Gruhas in their respective district.

·       The remuneration shall be on a daily-wage basis as per the details mentioned above, i.e., as per Labour and ESI Department Notification No. 11688/LC (Pharma) dated 07.11.2019.

·       In case of non-availability of ANMs, the CDM&PHO may engage alternatively, unemployed and trained Staff Nurses/Pharmacists in order of preference as mentioned above with daily remuneration @ Rs. 1000.

·       The district-wise number of ANMs to be engaged by virtue of this order shall depend on the number of COVID Gruhas to be opened in the districts respectively.

Article Written By Dikhya Mohanty 

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