After Archana Nag, another woman nabbed on blackmailing and cheating charges

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

A woman from Bhubaneswar was detained by a Rajasthan Police team on suspicion of cheating. Preeti Desai, the defendant, was taken into custody by the Rajasthan Kotwali police squad with the aid of the local Chandrasekhar police in the nation’s capital. Preeti, who is allegedly from Karnataka, is charged with defrauding a businessman from the Rajasthani district of Bharatpur.

Preeti is accused of using various social media platforms to make contacts with businessmen and other influential people while pretending to be an IT expert.

Preeti used to seduce her victims into sleazy video chats before utilizing the private footage to extort money from them. After Preeti conned him out of several thousands of rupees, the businessman from Rajasthan filed a legal complaint. According to reports, Preeti allegedly wed the businessman from Rajasthan in 2017 and remained with him through 2019. She later went missing and eventually arrived in Bhubaneswar. In this instance, she also defrauded a businessman.

Senior police officials reported that Chandrasekharpur police opened an inquiry to find out if the 42-year-old conwoman had deceived other persons as well.

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