Amazon Employees Not To Return Office Until Early 2021

Amazon Employees Not To Return Office Until Early 2021

New Delhi: Most of the Amazon employees may not be returning to their office in the near future. Tens of thousands of Amazon corporate employees may work from home until January 8 in 2021.

“Employees who work in a role that can effectively be done from home are welcome to do so until January 8.”

By limiting the number of employees returning to the office, Amazon’s job of not spreading infection is made much easier

Amazon, Microsoft and other Seattle-area employers first sent employees home on or before March 4 as the region emerged as one of the first coronavirus hot spots in the country. Amazon and Microsoft later extended those policies until October

The loss of a regular influx of thousands of well-paid corporate and tech employees, on top of coronavirus restrictions, has hurt businesses in the South Lake Union and Denny Regrade neighbourhoods where Amazon’s headquarters campus has expanded during the last decade.

Early in the pandemic, Amazon provided grants and rent relief to support businesses near its offices. Meanwhile, the rent relief, offered to tenants of buildings the company owns, remains in effect.

The company’s safeguards for employees who do come to the office include performing deep cleaning, offering hand sanitizer and face coverings, and requiring temperature checks and physical distancing.

On the other hand, Google said that it remained unsure of when employees will be back. Facebook also said that it doesn’t expect 60% of its employees to come back to the office.

Article Written By Sushree Sangeeta 

Image Source: Google

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