Amit Shah’s response to Adani Hindenburg Row

by Subhechcha Ganguly

Amit Shah claimed that in response to the opposition’s demand for a JPC, the Supreme Court had already recognised the Adani-Hindenburg incident and established a commission to conduct an investigation. Amit Shah, the union home minister, finally responded to the opposition’s demand for the creation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to look into the Adani-Hindenburg dispute on Friday. Speaking at India Today Conference 2023, Shah said that the Supreme Court has already taken notice of the situation and established a committee to conduct an investigation. Stocks of the Gautam Adani-led company took a beating on the exchanges after activist short-seller Hindenburg Research, based in the US, issued a long list of unfounded accusations against it, including share price manipulation and fraudulent transactions.

“Our government is clear on the subject. We are arguing that people should have faith in the legal system because the Supreme Court established a committee to look into the matter. If someone has evidence, Shah continued, they should provide it to the Supreme Court committee. Assuring that “no one should be spared if something wrong has happened,” he also said that everyone should have faith in the legal system.”Even so, if you believe the information to be inaccurate, you should bring it up or object to it. The SEBI will conduct parallel investigations with the Supreme Court, and the SEBI has already informed the Supreme Court that it is looking into the case, according to the home minister. If…, according to Amit Shah, the impasse in Congress can be broken.

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