An Insight on Women Empowerment

An article on Women Empowerment by Author Riddhima Sen


The term empowerment primarily refers to a shift in power play. Women get the upper hand in terms of Women empowerment. Women empowerment began with the onset of the suffragette movement. 

The movement primarily focused on the fight of women for gaining voting rights as human beings . Until then , only men could vote . Women were only seen as baby making machines and heads of the household. They were denied access to power roles . Women gained voting rights after a long fight , finally. They had a political voice and opinion at the end of a long battle .

Women Empowerment does not refer to inferior treatment of men  , rather it refers to ensuring that men and women are equally entitled to benefits and privileges like education,  a successful career, political opinions and a happy life . An example of an empowered woman is someone who has broken apart social stereotypes and proven her worth as an individual.  Women are often dehumanized and treated as goddesses.  But , one should treat them as human beings itself in the first place . Things have seen a gradual positive shift , and there’s no doubt that 21st century women are more empowered than women during the 15th or 16th centuries . Sharing of household chores should be equal between the female and the male members of the household.  Cooking is not the sole job of a woman,  neither is raising a kid . A father can look after his kids , and cook for them as well . Empowerment is a powerful and effective term , feeling powerful from inside is possible in a positive environment.  Gender stereotypes should be abolished, since they are likely to create a rift between the genders . Gender may be considered to be a part of one’s identity,  but it is not that rigid.

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