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An Open Letter To UGC Addressing Concern Regarding The Conduct Of Final Semester

An Open Letter To UGC Addressing Concern Regarding The Conduct Of Final Semester

The Federation of Central Universities Teachers Association (FEDCUTA) has written an open letter to UGC chairperson D P Singh claiming that the new revised academic guidelines do not take into consideration the present scenario in the country.

Coronavirus has brought our life to a full stop, but the UGC authorities need to have the examination. Why the UGC guidelines are problematic and what are the impacts on Indian student? Millions of students can be affected and the mainstream media is not covering any of the aspects.

UGC is a statutory body that maintains the standards of higher education in India. India is now the 3rd worst-most affected nation in the world and now UGC wants final year exams to be done before 30th September 2020.

Where many states have cancels their final year exam. What should a student do, trust his state or UGC? And the guidelines are not advisories to states. The university comes under it they have to follow the guideline.

Even at the exam centre, how will the social distancing be maintained? Who will be the response if a student gets COVID positive due to the exam? Not only for students what about supervisors and other support staff?

We don’t have any tried and tested infrastructure for online exams. The mock test that happened was called the “mockery” test by the student. As BPUT, ODISHA conducts the mock test online, students face technical glitches.

Many students don’t have the proper internet access to their village or home. Should they wait for December for offline exams, which has been uncertain? Should they leave their jobs, internship, higher study? Does anyone think about the mental health of a student?

Some people argue that liquor shops are open, buses are working, and there may be the risk of getting COVID positive. Any sensible person can choose not to go out; do students have the same choice?

Nobody is asking to gift a degree for free. To evaluate their understanding and knowledge, traditional exams are not only the option. They can submit projects, assignments, etc. Travelling and going to the exam centres will make this situation even worse. Exams are not equal to credibility but it is a part of the system.

Article Written By Somanath Sahoo

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  1. Corona has killed many lives…. And it is not stoppable right now…. So please go for normalisation….its our humble request to UGC….


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