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Arab set off on Mars odyssey

Arab set off on Mars odyssey

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By Somanath Sahu

Guys! When you think of an “ARAB” you think of camels, you think of oil, you think of desert and it makes sense. This is all we see from this arid part of the world. We see the old, we see the bad stuff, but what about the good stuff? To answer that question, I visited the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE) and what I saw there will make you think twice….

About their Hope Mars Mission (Arabic: مسبار الأمل‎, Al Amal).

It’s a new mission developed by Arabs for the first time ever to reach “MARS”. Yes! People in the Middle East are going to Mars and I bet you didn’t know about that.

This is a probe that will study weather on Mars and help us understand it better and its launching on 14 July 2020. This week HOPE MISSION is going to lift off despite COVID-19. When it succeeds, it will be history in the making because it will change the way we look at people from the desert.

Around 400 people from around the world built this spacecraft and 200 of them are Arabs and 34 per cent of them are women and they were hired not because they were women but because they earned it.

This hope will not only reach MARS, but it will also reach the hearts of kids because they need the inspiration, they need to look at scientists who built cool stuff to send it to far away from lands. The point of this is not to reach space but to inspire youth and to send a message of hope to everyone.

I hope it does because honestly, we need it! Thousands of years ago we invented zero, algebra, we discover stars, we started universities but at some point, all of that stopped and we became known for what is bad in the world- war, poverty, problems. That’s why everyone should know about the HOPE MISSION. It’s turning the impossible to possible!

All science mission is the fact that it’s beyond just the national identity of a nation, It’s about being the citizens of earth. Space belongs to my race and your race! When we focus on science we can make the earth better and reach Mars together!

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