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Assam Floods: Access Denied By Media

Assam Floods: Access Denied By Media

The evening of 11th July was special for all the media houses. One breaking news triggered the TRP’s of the national media to the highest of the charts. 

“The megastar of Bollywood- Mr Amitabh Bachchan tests positive for CO-VID 19.” It was a piece of stimulating news for all media platforms- whether print, television, or digital.

So from news websites to youtube channels and from television media to newspapers, all were involved in making the most spectacular news piece on Big B. Within the next 24 hours, Abhishek, Aishwarya, and Aardhya were also tested positive for COVID-19

Assam Floods: Access Denied By Media 1

Over the next few days, the media thrived on the Bachchan family’s whereabouts in Nanavati Hospital. By covering stories of Amitabh Bachchan eating his food to going to the washroom, the national television media just made a mockery of themselves. There were elaborate coverages of extensive pujas and yojanas made by die-hard fans of Big-B for better health. 

However, at the same time, a state in India was going through the worst times. The situation there is still catastrophic. Unfortunately, the state, the divine Assam, never gets the media-hype. Not only Assam, the entire north-east region, seizes to exist for the national media.

However, the circumstances in the past one week Assam in unendurable. The torrential rains have flooded the entire Bramhaputra region. According to the reports on 17th July 2020, over 40 lakhs of people have been severely affected through the flood. More than 97 casualties have taken place. Seventy-six animals have also lost their lives. The entire Kaziranga National forest is underwaters. There is an estimated loss of over 1000 crores. 

These statistics are nerve-wracking. What’s worst- the situation might turn gravest in the following days. When already, a state is going through the crises of a roaring pandemic, the calamitous floods is adding to the despondency of the inhabitants of Assam. What’s strange- the media is still disquieted with the recovery of Bachchan and Co.

Assam Floods: Access Denied By Media 2

Assam flood is an eye-opener of the dejected situation of Indian media. While it’s ok to run after TRP’s and showcase a piece of sensational news that attracts the majority of people. However, exaggerating the whole day by completely denying an essential segment of the state’s misery showcases the avid culture flourishing in Indian media houses. 

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