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World Nature Conservation Day

World Nature Conservation Day

Nature is what makes us survive, nature is what makes our deeds reliable for sustainable development. Every year on 28th of July World Nature Conservation day is celebrated with a particular theme. Well, this year the global theme was not decided due to the global pandemic. “Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land”.

The day reminds humankind regarding nature and how to protect it. Yet people shared their views and various messages through social media platforms. Many celebs, as well as renowned personalities, shared pictures, videos that enhanced their concern regarding nature.

Ministry of Culture under the Government of India tweeted a video describing how “nature worship” was an integral part of Indian culture.

We Indians have a customised orthodox of worshipping flora and fauna which has been a continuous ritual that we adapt till today. Significance of belief doesn’t stay upto worship but it also extends their boundary with various medicinal benefits.

Since we are locked by this pandemic people have started adopting ayurvedic medicinal conceptions. “Kadha” being the most adapted recipes has arrived again with its rapid medicinal benefits. People are taking precautions via natural resources that survive our immunity system.

Raising problems like deforestation and illegal trade of wildlife trends a major issue over environmental fluctuation. Nothing is limitless until we think of personal requirements with humanitarian.

Our earth does not sustain for finite things what we require like trees, water, soil, etc. In India, increasing urbanisation has undoubtedly dynamised the issues of lack of Wildlife habitat, loss of forest cover and population.

This has nowadays not only been seen as a means of puzzling circumstance but has been taken the initiative to reverse it. We can implement various changes with our daily lives in order to behold positive vibes to a healthy ecosystem.

Some simple habits that could make a huge difference start with a kitchen garden.

• This kitchen garden not only helps in saving bucks but could also ensure the supply of unadulterated veggies and fruits.

• Having a no-car day could also alter a major issue of pollution which is a major issue of environmental degradation.

• Instead of tossing food containers and flinging various coke cans to the dustbin we can reuse them for storing purposes.

• Making your own bags for grocery shopping is a definite way of reducing the use of plastic bags.

• Trees are treasures and it is important to plant a tree every month as trees provide innumerable quantities of interest over daily needs. As there is a nice saying “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man needs but not every man’s greed”.On this occasion let’s take a pledge to save, conserve and sustainably manage our natural resources and make this world a saviour for future generations.

Written By Mousami Jena

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