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Attack In Pakistan Stock Exchange, 6 Casualties

Attack In Pakistan Stock Exchange, 6 Casualties

Source: Google

By, Sayak Karmakar

Terror strikes yet again in our neighbouring country Pakistan. In the weeing hours of Monday, four gunmen have reportedly entered Pakistan stock exchange based in Karachi and started firing mercilessly. At least two people have been killed before the security officials took charge and assassinated all four of them.

Despite being a highly secured area, the gunmen with guns and grenades in hand were able to enter the building successfully. The same security house is also a hub of many other private banks of Karachi, so the attack might have turned out to be more lethal if the security officers have delayed a bit more

Karachi police officer Gulam Nabi said to the Reuters that the four terrorists came in a silver Corolla car and charged the building suddenly.

So far, no terrorist groups of  Pakistan have claimed the authorship of the attacks. Pakistan is famous for its notorious terrorist attacks. However, in the past few years, the numbers have reduced significantly

As per the reports, the terrorist used the grenades first to make a blast to blindfold the security officers. As soon as the grenades were thrown, the gunmen launched the open firing.

The situation is still under investigation. With the help of security forces and CCTV cameras, more details will be revealed soon– as per the reports of the Karachi Stock Exchange.

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