Author Lamiya Siraj’s book gets recognition in the Inspiring India Author’s Event 2023






Lamiya Siraj has been a part of several interviews and her books has been showcased in National as well as International Level Exhibition. Recently another feather in her cap was added when she bagged the Inspiring India Authors Award 2023 , amongst 150 authors in National and International Category. Her books was represented to National Level Award Winner Sutapa Bhattacharjee who was in prasies about her work. Her favourite work is Hidden Quest and this is what she has to say about the book.

Lamiya Siraj’s “Hidden Quest” is an engrossing investigation of friendship, exploration, and personal growth. The book’s greatest asset is its capacity to take readers right into the action, engrossing them in the characters’ trip and the captivating city of Vrindavan.The author’s detailed descriptions evoke all the senses, from the peaceful sounds of nature to the soothing flow of the Yamuna river. The overarching theme, “A traveller wants to experience life, but a tourist wants to escape it,” reverberates throughout, serving as a helpful reminder of the importance of welcoming life’s unexpected adventures.It is this book’s capacity to immerse you in the adventure that truly sets it apart. You’ll be seated next to Ahana and Nishi, experiencing their pleasures and fears together. Though Hidden Quest is Sutapa Bhattacharjee’s favourite she loved the book “Destined to Heal Within” as well.

This is a short story about a humble girl who discovers love in unexpected places. It tells the tale of how she overcomes the many tragedies in her life and eventually transforms into a different person. Thus, even if this novel lacks many original components, the protagonist’s journey is representative of the individual journeys we have all experienced, which are the means by which we each define our own individuality and evolve in our own ways.  Team Inspiring India wishes Author Lamiya Siraj best in her upcoming endeavours.



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