Bahrain says Good Bye to Lord Ganesh till the next arrival


On Saturday 18th September, Members of the Bahraini Oriya Samaj immersed Ganesha on Maliki a Beach with rites of passage and joy. Together they prayed to the Lord and wished him well. How did the epidemic disappear from this world? He said goodbye to the Lord, wearing a mask, and wished everyone a happy life and that no one would have to wear masks in the future.

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated with full joy in the Kingdom of Bahrain

For the past nine days, with full rituals of Shri Ganesha, a worshipping ceremony has been held at Dr. Arun Prahraj’s residence. Devotees used to gather in the evenings to chant hymns. Devotees were a little upset after the immersion. But it is also necessary to immerse the idol of it, according to the rules of worship and nature. After the idol got immersed in the sea, the members returned to their homes with receiving the blessings.



“We have tried to preserve our cultural values ​​by strictly abiding by the safety rules without compromising with the Covid rules,” said Dr. Arun Kumar Prahraj, the coordinator of the Covid-19. “Bahrain is a country of love, peace, and harmony,” Dr Prahraj added.

In a modern, innovative and progressive country like Bahrain, people of all faiths enjoy religious freedom. “This freedom is very special to the outside world, and we are grateful for the king’s inner faith and commitment to this freedom.”

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated with full joy in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Dr Arun Prahraj Prharaj offering love to Ganesha! 

By-Priya Bharti

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