Bhadrak police tighten noose on lockdown violators

Bhadrak police tighten noose on lockdown violators

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Rajesh Pandit Uttamrao, SP of Bhadrak(Bhadrak police tighten noose on lockdown violators) has shown exemplary leadership and feisty spirit in enforcing strict adherence to the government-mandated lockdown in view of the Covid pandemic.

On Tuesday, the police team confiscated more than 100 vehicles for violating lockdown guidelines. The Bhadrak SP(Bhadrak police tighten noose on lockdown violators) is the exemplar of how a khaki-clad public officer can deliver in time of exigent crisis.

Several videos have gone viral featuring police officers(Bhadrak police tighten noose on lockdown violators) chastening the public violating lockdown rules. The Bhadrak administration is also taking several measures to contain the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

The district administration had issued a notification Monday asking denizens to refrain from using motor-vehicles for shopping during the lockdown

The Bhadrak administration is leaving no stone unturned to strictly enforce the lockdown. Contact tracing has started in full force.

The Puruna Bazar area has been sealed completely. Only medicine shops have been allowed to remain open.

The administration has given a clear directive of not stepping out of home unless it is absolutely essential. These conditions shall remain in force until further instruction.

In Bhadrak district, where a 29-year-old chef with travel history to Dubai was tested positive on March 28, two people who came in contact with him also tested positive

The local administration has ruled out any laxity in dealing with Coronavirus that has snowballed into a menacing health crisis, affecting more than 200 countries and territories across the world.

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