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Birds in charge of guarding the presidential palace!


There are no CCTV or staff members in charge of security at the Presidential Palace, but there are some special birds. They are alerting the Presidential Palace as soon as it is in danger. They also keep close eyes on people coming and going.

We are talking about the Russian Presidential Palace. You would be surprised to know that a specially trained birds are guarding President Vladimir Putin’s official residence day and night. These species of eagles and owls are keeping an eye on people coming to the Presidential Palace. And as soon as they get a warning of a potential danger, they immediately alert.

Birds in charge of guarding the presidential palace! 1
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They have been part of the National Security Forces since 1984. They also have a special team with more than 10 eagles and owls.
It is said that these special bird species were deployed after all the efforts of the former government failed to chase down the crows and other small birds that roamed around the Presidential Palace. Special guards were first deployed. Even ammunition was used. But to no avail, these birds were specially trained and promoted to the Presidential Palace.

The big thing is that these eagles and owls are alerted immediately when a small drone arrives near the Presidential Palace. They can also differentiate between foreign drones and domestic drones.

During World War II, pigeons were known to join the army. They also won 32 medals.

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