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Trump’s decision on cancelling deal with India reversed

by Subhechcha Ganguly

The Biden administration overturned previous President Trump’s choice and authorised the sale of F-16 fighter jet equipment to Islamabad for an estimated $450 million.
The Trump administration’s decision to end all military and security aid to Pakistan in 2018 was made on the grounds that Islamabad was not a partner in the country’s battle against terrorism.The “merits” of the US-Pakistan relationship have come under scrutiny, according to External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, who also asserted that Washington’s interactions with Islamabad have not been in the “American interest.”

He criticised the US claim that it was deploying the F-16 fighter jet to Pakistan in order to address “current and future counterterrorism threats,” stating, “You are not fooling anybody by saying these things.” A question about the US’s decision to “sell” the F-16 aircraft to Pakistan and the relations between India and the US was posed to the EAM, who is on a 10-day visit to the US. Jaishankar adamantly stated, “If I were to speak to an American policy-maker, I would really make the argument (that) look what you are doing.

The minister will meet with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken of the United States and other senior members of the Biden administration. On Sunday, Jaishankar again criticised The Washington Post and other major US media outlets for their “biassed” coverage of India. He was speaking to an audience of Indian-Americans from all over the nation as they laughed and applauded.”I watch the news. You may be aware that some publications, including one in our area, you can predict exactly what they will write “In the midst of laughing and clapping, Mr. Jaishankar told an audience of Indian-Americans from all over the nation on Sunday.

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