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Putin’s big statement – “We are not ready to recognize Joe Biden as US President”


The controversy over the outcome of the US presidential election has not stopped.  On the one hand, while Trump does not accept the election results, now a statement from Russian President Putin has surfaced.  According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, he does not accept the results of the US election.  Joe Biden is incapable of being the U.S. president.  But he is ready to work with the U.S. president in the coming days, Putin said.  This was stated by President Putin in an interview with Russia’s state-run TV channel.

 In the interview, Putin added that the people of the United States have elected Biden so Russia is ready to work with him in the future.  But the Americans must have faith on the leader.  The candidate who competes with him needs to consider him a winner.  In addition, the leader concerned must be legally elected.  Earlier in the day, Putin spoke in support of the US Alliance. Finally, Russian president has lifted the curtain on all events.  “It’s a formality to congratulate Biden,” he said.

 During the interview, Putin was asked why he had not been greeted by Russia since Biden’s victory.  In response, Putin said that this was due to a formal process.  There is no other purpose behind this.  Asked if he feared relations between the two countries would deteriorate as a result of Russia’s approach, Putin said relations between the United States and Russia had already been strained.  What will be worse now?

 Putin has indirectly said that he will not accept Biden’s victory until Donald Trump, the current Republican leader in the United States, acknowledges his defeat.  His remarks could further heat up U.S. politics.  Because Biden appears to have won the U.S. presidential election less than two weeks ago, but Trump does not accept it.  He has repeatedly stated that he has won the election himself.  Trump alleges that Democrat leaders have committed “grave fraud” in the presidential election.

 Putin has supported Trump in the 2016 elections, according to US intelligence.  As a result, he won the election.  Now all these issues are expected to arise again.  After Biden becomes president, Russia could face more sanctions and human rights disputes.

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