BJP Flag Over Tricolour At Kalyan Singh’s Prayer Meeta


An instant of the tribute ceremony to former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Kalyan Singh has sparked a controversy on social media. A picture which was tweeted by the BJP, showed Kalyan Singh’s body draped by the tricolour, while half of it was seen covered up by BJP’s party flag.



According to the reports, Senior Congress leader and parliamentarian Shashi Tharoor raised the issue on Twitter by quoting – “As one who had to fight a court case for four years merely for placing my hand on my heart during the singing of the National Anthem (rather than standing stiffly to attention), I think the nation should be told how the ruling party feels about this insult.”

Youth Congress chief, Srinivas BV tweeted- “Is it ok to place party flag over Indian flag in New India?”.  While the official Youth Congress tweeted-  “India will not tolerate the insult to the national flag. ”

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