BMC Launch Dengue Reduction Camp In The City

BMC Launch Dengue Reduction Camp In The City

The Bhubaneshwar Municipal Corporation has launched a campaign for the reduction of Dengue cases in the city. The name of the campaign is DryDay and it will be observed every Thursday and Sunday in Bhubaneswar starting this week.

“The idea of observing Dry-day is to ensure household level cleanliness drive to clear all unused water containments. We urge the citizens to extensively search their premises and disrupt mosquito breeding sources,” said Mayor Sulochana Das.

“It is noted that traditionally the month of August has been the peak time for Dengue in Bhubaneswar. Owing to the monsoon starting from the month of June, the unused water containments become the breeding points if the water remains unused for more than 7 days.”

“To have control over dengue, awareness is the best weapon. Action must start from the household & institution level. On that note, the Dry-day shall be very effective in our effort to keep the city dengue free,” said Commissioner BMC, Vijaya Amruta Kulange.

Story By- Saayak Karmakar, Resident Editor, Interview Times

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