Odisha 3rd Among 9 States In Detection Of Fast-Emerging Dominant Sub-Variant XBB

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

Omicron sub-variant XBB, which has increased COVID cases in several regions of South Asia, including Singapore and Hong Kong, and its strains, particularly XBB, are quickly becoming a dominant sub-variant in India. nine states, one of which is Odisha.

India has 380 confirmed instances of XBB as of October 23 according to data from GISAID, an international research organization that monitors changes in the virus. West Bengal came in second with 103 instances, trailing Tamil Nadu at the top with 175 cases. Odisha is third with 35 incidents, followed by Maharashtra with 21, Delhi with 18, Puducherry with 16, Karnataka with 9 cases, Gujarat with 2, and Rajasthan with 2. (1).

The most elusive Omicron sub-variant was initially discovered in August in West Bengal. It is said that the XBB variety is more contagious. Notably, Odisha has reported a decline in new cases for the previous three days in a row and now has 225 active cases.

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