Building Bridges of Leadership: The Architect-Politician Shaping a Bright Future”

Dusmanta Kumar Swain, a talented architect and politician, with a special set of abilities and traits


Dusmanta Kumar Swain is a famous architect and politician. He makes everyone his own by the magic of his work. He is skilled in beautifying one’s mind or house. He is also very active in Odisha politics. In the last election of 2019, he fought against Khadpada MLA Saumya Patnaik. He said that he will fight politics in the upcoming 2024 election as well. As he was born in Kapada, he gives first priority to solving people’s problems. However, during the discussion with him, Dussamant Kumar said many sweet things.

Dusmanta Kumar Swain, a talented architect and politician, with a special set of abilities and traits that allow them to have a long-lasting effect on their society. Whether it’s figuring out how to make housing more accessible or creating environmentally friendly, sustainable buildings, he is a creative problem-solver capable of coming up with fresh solutions to complicated problems.

He is dedicated to ensuring that their policies and designs are inclusive and accessible to everyone, has a keen knowledge of the needs and concerns of the people they serve, and is compassionate in nature. Perhaps most importantly, he has a strong sense of passion for his work and a strong desire to change the world.  A strong leader is made of people with certain traits and talents.

Q1: What attracted you to the fact that you have done so many notable works as a renowned architect and politician, and also that you have worked on many programs with renowned architect Raghunath Mohapatra?

Good question, I have done many programs and projects , with architect Raghunath Mohapatra. When the second Konark project started, he took me for that project to be a part of it . I have been working in architecture for 23 years. My father wanted me to become an architect. After studying, I went to Singapore for higher education and have been working in the field of architecture

Q2: Sir can you say something about the fact that you worked with Raghunath Mohapatra on the second Konark project?

He has been honored with Padma Vibhushan. He has done a lot of good work. He asked me to work on the corner project in Gote program. So he took 300 acres of land in Chandanpur. The drawing work was done and the permission was pending. I liked the Konark chakra he did . We have done many projects with him, and he also wanted to do a solar museum

Q3: What do you think is the biggest challenge in architecture? How did you act on it?

A man always wants to make a beautiful house, that’s why he wants help, how his house will be built beautifully is the job of an architect, we have done many projects, institutional, medical, residential, many projects like this which are next. At the time, the projects felt like it was as if our sons, daughters so we do those projects very carefully and beautifully

Q4: As an architect, how do you face challenges in this particular field?

I was born in Khadpada and came from a political family. My father served as the block chairman for a considerable amount of time and also served as president of the Central Cooperative, a district councillor, and as a candidate in two elections.  There are other issues, including the lack of a proper medical facility and the fact that many more young people will work for just Rs5,000 or 6,000 per year. I am aware of the issues facing farmers, khatikhis, and other labourers. As an architect, I realised the difficulties after seeing all of these issues and became more motivated to work.

Q5: A question arises in many minds, how could you contest against a prominent politician of Odisha in the last election without being a member of any party?

In the last 2019 election, I fought against Soumya Ranjan Patnaik  ,  Soumya Ranjan Patnaik  can be given the title of Bhishma in Odisha politics and there were many political warriors like Drona, Karn with him, but I fought as his beloved disciple Arjuna son Abhimanyu, But in the upcoming 2024 election. I will definitely fight the election like Arjun .

Q6 :  Has Soumya Ranjan Patnaik contributed to growth in the previous fifteen years? Can you elaborate on the situation?

Nothing has been done as much as the residents of Khudpada wanted, but many things could have been done if a man like him had wanted to.

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