Can feminism defeat its nemesis, Pseudo feminism?

by Aishwarya Samanta

We have run over the word feminism at some point in our lives, however the conditions related with this word never showed signs of change totally. Earlier, as well, women had to work at home, cook, clean, take care of their children and simply restrict themselves to the limits of their home.

In basic words, feminism implies that women ought to have equivalent portrayal as men, regardless of whether it’d be jobs, education, etc. Article 14, 15 and 16 of the Indian Constitution, which are the Fundamental Rights, express that everybody is equal under the law, people ought not be victimized based on gender and they ought to have equal freedoms.


Feminism is the motivation behind why such countless existences of women all over India and the world have changed.

Considering somebody a feminist ought not be an affront. It is an identification to be worn proudly. At the point when you say that you are a feminist, you are standing up and requesting women to have the very rights that a man has had. You are not requesting a man’s privileges to be removed. Women’s liberation is only one part of a bigger fight for equity. You may be living and bringing up your kids by the feminist code yet every time you reject the name saying you would prefer not to get political, it appears as though you are embarrassed about being considered as one when you are most likely attempting to keep away from contention.

Any infringement of such rights will prompt Article 32, for example Constitutional Remedies. The Indian Constitution guarantees that women ought to likewise be treated as equals and ought to make the most of their lives without limit. The IPC, The Domestic Violence Act, The Dowry Prohibition Act, The Sexual Harassment of Women in Workplace Act, and so forth, give safety and security to women and guarantees that women carry on with better lives.

Feminism is the motivation behind why such countless existences of women all over India and the world have changed. Women have now begun to understand their character, sexuality, and independence from a discouraging, conventional, obsolete, and patriarchal culture.


Since the time Nirbhaya, crimes against women in India is an enormous issue and many fake cases will add more salt to the injury. It’ll resemble the Boy Who Cried Wolf, however in reality, nobody will accept the account of the genuine cases. Laws are not their own toy; they’re made with the goal that women could carry on with a superior life. Along these lines, there has been an ascent in Men’s Rights Activism in India.

How would you start to clarify that being a feminist doesn’t mean one needs to lessen the privileges of men and that the purpose is to guarantee that both the women just as men of our country are guaranteed equal balance and similar advantages alongside the obligations?

That is the issue of pseudo feminism. Pseudo Feminists and Feminazis don’t have faith in fairness. They trust in women ruling the world. They are very misandrist against men and advance man-hating opinions.


Being a feminist doesn’t mean one needs to lessen the privileges of men.

In any case, they are extremely touchy to jokes. Indeed, parody is abstract and it’s not for everybody. On the off chance that you see somebody getting annoyed over it, it’s justifiable in light of the fact that they may feel awkward. Yet, what these pseudo-feminists do is that they take the joke outside any connection to the issue at hand. At that point they go out their approach to assault somebody by calling them names like sexists, extremists or whatnot.

It’s essentially clear now that not a ton of feminists are that way. Maybe they act all the more maturely, more normally and have more toughness than that of pseudo feminists. They don’t need to call themselves feminists. They actually make more effect in the society for the correct reasons, dissimilar to pseudo feminists who values being feminists but they’ve accomplished more damage than anything else all for the sake of the feminist reason.

Sadly, the latter is destroying the whole system and the whole idea will censure for it. The opportunity has already come and gone that people begin sorting out the contrast among feminism and pseudo feminism.

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