Chandan Yatra kick-starts amid Covid-19 guidelines in Dhenkanal


The annual Chandan Yatra of Lord Balaram Jew Started here at Bhagirathi Sagar ( Nua Pokhari) on Saturday in Dhenkanal. This year due to the raging Covid-19 pandemic the festival missed its festivity revelry and fervour as only a few sevayats were allowed to perform the rituals with full compliance to Covid-19 guidelines like wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

This festival is celebrated in two phase for 42 days, in the first phase which is called bahara Chandana , Shri Madan Mohan will be brought out from the Balaram Jew Temple premises with a procession, after which the lord will ferry across the pond and enjoy water sports for 21 days. The second phase is the bhitara chandana where servitor’s performs rituals inside the temple.

This year new boats have replaced the old ones which were used since many years. The gathering of devotees has been limited due to the Covid-19 situation prevailing across the city.

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