China is increasing its military capabilities by targeting the United States


In the wake of the growing bitterness between the United States and China, Beijing is rapidly expanding its military capabilities. To challenge the United States, China has been building warships, starting with fighter jets.

According to a source, China is currently building a new submarine. The ship appears to be in the shape of a giant submarine. However, no details were found.

However, China fears a U.S.-class submarine. According to defense scientists, China has a strong and efficient navy. The Chinese navy also has state-of-the-art weapons. It can also challenge the United States for its power. The United States is also aware of this. But the nuclear-powered guided missile submarine USS Ohio is the world’s best weapon. It was used during the Cold War.

The U.S.-class Ohio submarine is world-renowned for its size and impact. The submarine is capable of entering enemy territory and attacking with troops and missiles. In addition, the U.S. Navy includes anti-ship missiles in the USS Michigan, USS Florida, and USS Georgia. All of these submarines in the United States are equipped with deadly anti-missiles.


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