Congress MP ” We should shoot and kill Israeli PM Netanyahu”


During the Israel-Hamas conflict, Congress MP Rajmohan Unnithan caused a stir when he declared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was a war criminal and ought to be murdered without being given a chance to defend himself during a Palestine solidarity rally in Kasaragod, Kerala.

“Those involved in war crimes were subjected to the Nuremberg tribunals following World War II. War criminals were shot killed without a trial during the Nuremberg trials. It’s past time to conduct a Nuremberg type trial. As a war criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu is in front of the entire world. Given the degree of brutality Netanyahu is exhibiting, it is long overdue to shoot and murder him without a trial, the speaker declared.

He clarified that punishment should be meted out to individuals who violate every provision of the Geneva Convention.Day 43 of the Israel-Hamas conflict has seen thousands of deaths to date.

Everything started when Hamas, a terrorist organisation based in Palestine, attacked Israel, murdering civilians everywhere they went, including inside houses. The Israeli army has begun attacking the Gaza Strip and certain areas of Palestine in retaliation.

Israeli police announced on Saturday that at least 364 people had been killed at the Nova music festival on October 7 by Hamas militants, as opposed to the initial estimate of 270.



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