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By, Itishree Mishra

Rohit Mathur, Eventis

Born in Dehradun and raised in Bhubaneswar, Rohit Mathur(Cradling Event Management) took the path less trodden to take off his career in audiovisual integration and control system. In the late 90s, event management in the city was still incipient.

But armed with raging ambition and the exuberance of youth, Mathur(Cradling Event Management) dared to think out of the box and started Eventis in 1999. Back then, the Bhubaneswar market had not warmed up to ‘Event Management’.

“Initially, we started with providing projectors at conferences and meetings. Then, we scaled up our business in tune with the requirement of our clients”, Mathur reminisces.

Two decades later, the paradigms of event management have changed. Many players have stormed this space, injecting competition. However, Eventis has emerged as a brand name.

It has more than held its own, providing complete event solutions in various segments like corporate meetings, conferences, exhibitions, marathons, product launches, annual function, food festivals, celebrity management and beyond.

His mantra:

“Always try to convert your dreams into reality, accept all challenges and try to stay cool in every circumstance”. Below, excerpts of an exclusive chit chat with ‘The Interview Times’

How did you gather the idea for this business?

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Back in 1999 when there were no organized players in the system and no one offering all solutions for organizing an event of a grand scale, I(Cradling Event Management) pioneered the concept of an event organizer in Bhubaneswar.

I wanted to offer a one-stop solution for everything that one might need to set up a world-class event. That was my vision and the rest just happened as per that.

From whom you get inspiration to start this innovative business during 1999?

As I said, the idea originated as I felt there was a need for a credible organization providing world-class service. Also, Bhubaneswar was a growing city that time and my foresight told me that this business would have takers in the years to come.

How did you coin the name of your company?

I(Cradling Event Management) wanted my organization to be a one-stop solution for everything that would make an exceptional experience for any occasion. Therefore, I combined ‘event‘ with an ‘integrated institution’ to come up with Eventis.

What major challenges did you face in the early days?

Since the concept was ahead of its time, expertise in vendors was difficult to find. It was like I was trying to make a team that represented the best in everything. That was a bit challenging. Technical expertise also took considerable effort but we were finally able to achieve it.

Take us through your company’s profile and your successful journey…

In our industry where there are constant innovations and new ideas, the art of staying relevant is the key. At Eventis, every day at work is a new challenge and a new journey and we strive to make that journey worth it. 

In this competitive market, what makes your company gain an identity?

World-class infrastructure, curated experience for our clients, customer delight with our innovative and customized solutions, trust and reliability. We have knowledge and experience. We(Cradling Event Management) have much more professional teams and our execution is flawless.

What is your business strategy?

To sum it up, I would say, converting your dreams into reality. At Eventis, we make sure we deliver exactly what the client has envisioned. This we do in the form of new products, new markets and a constant flow of innovative and creative ideas.

What is your future business plan and how you foresee this sector business in the coming years? 

Odisha, as they say, is India’s best kept secret and is coming into the limelight with the diversity that it can offer. We have immense potential as one of the pioneers in the event management sector.

So many new verticals are being explored, tourism and sports being one of the major game-changers. Odisha is opening up to a world full of opportunities and we at Eventis are ready to take them up.

How are you a differentiator from other event management companies?

I am confident that the kind of experience and the repertoire of work that we can boast of is not very common. We are also one of the few event planning companies that have solutions for everything right from budgeting, marketing, designing and promoting the event.

We understand and take care of the smallest of details which I am sure not everyone can foresee. Our skills and experience give us confidence and most importantly, our team prefers to stay cool under any circumstances. 

Being a successful entrepreneur what message you have for youngsters? 

Timely execution of the assignment is one of the most important things in our field. I would suggest building one particular core and expertise in a single field.

There are a thousand things to do and if they have core and expertise in a single field, they will do extremely very well. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.

So, be honest, truthful and accurate in your actions. Being an event manager, it is my advice to all to understand the clients’ needs and liaise with clients to find out their exact event requirements.

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