Crafting the Style for Brush and Canvas- Ms. Twinkle Paital- MUA


“Your brows can be flawless, right? Life, as we all know, is not perfect.” Contrary to what many people think, makeup is not meant to make you look unnatural. It focuses more on enhancing one’s natural beauty. It is an underappreciated genre of art that is suddenly getting the appreciation it merits. A makeup artist can help to emphasize one’s beauty. A makeup artist helps you with all aspects of grooming, from advising on the best products to use to dress you up for formal occasions. There are numerous methods to pursue education and a career as a makeup artist afterward.

Today we are in a conversation with Twinkle Paital a budding MUA ( Makeup Artist) who is solidifying and diversifying her art through the face canvas.

  1. How would you possibly brief an artist?

An artist in my eyes is someone who pours their heart and soul into their work. A true artist is capable of anything and everything in pursuit of their passion. As an artist, I believe that my work is everything.

  1. You had a long journey, how difficult it is being a makeup artist?

Yes, it’s quite challenging because I had to accomplish everything on my own without assistance from anybody else. My family provided support, but the rest was due to my efforts. I always motivated myself and kept my attention on my line of work. Although I am always discouraged in this sector, I never let myself down. I just know that if I put my mind to it, I can do anything, though it won’t be simple.

  1. How did you plan to get into the beauty business? How did everything start?

Because everything was unforeseen and out of my comfort zone, it was not easy. Sometimes I feel like everything is a coincidence and part of my destiny. Because I dance Odissi, I have been interested in makeup since I was a young child. Everything started to like the way only after I slowly chose to make it my profession during the lockdown.

  1. Do you think is it possible to make a living in such a business?

This business makes a lot of money. Makeup is a topic that everyone is passionate about today. So it’s very profitable, and in my opinion, the only way to make a lot of money is to improve yourself by time and trends.

  1. How difficult it is to deal with the clients?

Since clients are so difficult, especially in my area, I believe it to be the most challenging element. They don’t know anything about it, so we have to deal with it, so we’re just trying to handle things as best we can.

  1. Lastly, how did you feel talking to the interview times?

You won’t believe it, but this is my first interview as a makeup artist. I am grateful for the opportunity. I had a great time.


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