Daredevilry Overloaded

Daredevilry Overloaded

A gallant girl Sunita Yadav dared an altercation with a minister’s son for disobeying lockdown rules.

Sunita Yadav was posted at the Varachha police station in Surat. The alleged structure between Sunita and trio was placed on July 9 night during the curfew hours. She was posted on a bandanas duty when the incident happened around 10.35 pm on Sunday near the mini Bazar in varachha area.

The three identified- Prakash, Dushyant, Godhani and Sanjoy Bokadia, were arrested for flouting the lockdown norms and curfew in Surat.

However, they were released on bail later. Prakash is the son of MoS for health Kumar Nanami. After that incident, Sunita Kumar was transferred from Karachi police station to police headquarters.  The inquiry was set up after the purported audio and video clips of the incident got widely circulated on social media.

Knowing that not wearing a mask is a serious offence, still, you are roaming outside on the streets during curfew hours. The constable purportedly attached the keys of the car.

According to some videos when the man was being asked why he stepped out during curfew, he claims to be the Son of Kanani. Then he told Sunita that we have come to help his friends.

Varachha police have filed a case against the three for violating curfew rules. Commissioner of police CK Pales released they have arrested all also released them on bail on Sunday.

Article Written By JP Sahu

Image Source: Google

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