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Delhi High Court Asks AAP Government To Reserve 80% Beds For Covid 19 Patients In 33 Hospitals

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Covid 19 cases are on the rise in the country.  But the situation in the country’s capital, Delhi, remains tense.  Recently, the Delhi High Court ruled that the Kejariwal government had failed in the management as covid cases are spiralling. Delhi recorded its biggest single-day jump of 8593 covid 19 cases on Wednesday that took the tally to over 4.59 lakh people. Once again, the High Court has taken an important decision on Delhi’s hospital to decrease the covid infections.

 Delhi’s 33 private hospitals have been ordered to reserve 80 per cent ICU beds for corona patients.  The Delhi High Court has issued the order in view of the increase in corona infections in Delhi.  In such a case, the High Court appears to have issued the order for only two weeks.  The case is set to be re-assigned to another judge on November 26.

 On November 26, the High Court will review whether 80 per cent ICU reserves will be kept in 33 private hospitals.  It is learned that the High Court has given the state government three days to file a reply to the growing number of corona infected cases in Delhi, while it will also ask for an account of what steps the government is taking to deal with the virus.

 Thirty private hospitals have been ordered to have 80 per cent ICU beds set aside.  The Court says these kind of decisions are taken to decrease the number of covid cases  and to keep other patients safe in the hospital.

By Akankshya Mahapatra

Image Source : Google

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