Delta Strain Becomes Dominant Variant In US


According to new surveys from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the highly transmissible Delta strain has overhauled the Alpha variant to convert the dominant variant in the US.

The survey added that the Delta, which was first found in India and is now in over 100 countries, represented 51.7 per cent of new infections in the US over the two weeks ending July 3.

While, the proportion of new cases caused by Alpha, which was first detected in Britain, was just 28.7 per cent over the same period.

Latterly, health officials and experts have recommended that the Delta variant was on track to become the aggressive variant in the US, as its predominance in the nation doubles about every two weeks.

They are also worried that the variant will cause a surge in the new cases this winter fall and also to hit the unvaccinated population the most. Increasing cases were reported in states with lower vaccination rates, including Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi, according to the CDC.

Although Delta is highly contagious, research shows that most vaccines still remain highly effective at preventing hospitalizations and deaths caused by the variant.

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