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Dhoni sparkles still burnishing


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By Sobhan Garnaik

“Dhoni finishes off in style. A magnificent strike into the crowd! India lift the World Cup after 28 years!”

Screamed Ravi Shastri on air. Dhoni just tweaked his elbow.

What a fairytale end it was when MS Dhoni hit that majestic six, as the entire nation froze for a minute. The legend held his pose as he watched the ball, Yuvraj started to celebrate before the ball had even reached the spectators and the man they call Captain Cool wrote his name into cricket’s history books. Sachin’s holy grail of lifting the world cup came true. The nation celebrated with him.

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A small-town kid whose first love was football went on to become the best player throughout the entire existence of cricket. One can connect numerous words with Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

‘Cool’, ‘quiet’, ‘confident’, ‘certain’, match-winner, etc. Yet, the word that is generally proper to depict the man would be ‘whimsical’. He was a man who didn’t play by the rulebook, regardless of whether as a pioneer, batsman or wicket-keeper, he went about it in his specific manner.

What’s more, MSD made it very clear of his intentions early in his career when he gave Joginder Sharma the last over in the well-known World T-20, the last final Pakistan.

His cricket was, for the most part, joined by vulnerability and shock. But he has been an incredible asset for the game – one of the best skippers ever, an exceptional batsman and a wicket-keeping all-rounder.

Erstwhile India skipper MS Dhoni, who remains the heartthrob of Indian fans despite his career winding down, turned 39 on Tuesday (July 07).

Dhoni may have last played a match in India blue longer than a year prior, but the wicket-keeper’s popularity fails to diminish by a bit.

All things considered, it shocked no one that social media was flooded with wishes for the man who captained India to two World Cups and one Champions Trophy. A plethora of cricketers stretched out wishes to him and brought back on-field recollections with him.

Twitter went into an emergency as the clock turned 12 on July 07. Here, we take a look at some of the most insane fan reactions from the Twitter world as MS Dhoni turns another leaf.

We look at some insights and observations on what made Dhoni ‘THE PHENOM’?

1. Leaning toward a train ride with his colleagues over a sumptuous plane ride.

C:\Users\s\Desktop\ms dhoni train.jpeg

In the wake of hanging up his boots as the skipper from the national team, Dhoni was named Jharkhand’s captain for the Vijay Hazare Trophy. Now, rather than hauling that demeanour of popularity around him, he chose to take a train with his colleagues and sent the Internet in an aww.

2. Never been the one to hog the limelight

C:\Users\s\Desktop\dhoni 5.jpeg

He drives the group to the last imprint and afterwards lets his partners become the dominant focal point. Ever seen the group photographs when the trophies are introduced to the winning team?

3. Getting hairstyles from a similar hairdresser rather than an expensive beautician

C:\Users\s\Desktop\dhoni hair.jpg

Old habits aren’t too hard to kill if you have shit loads of money, but then MS is not one of those. Apparently, he still loves getting the low-key haircut at his house.

C:\Users\s\Desktop\dhoni stall.jpg

When Dhoni was filling in as a junior TT at Khagarpur Railway Station, he used to visit a close by tea stall owned by a man named Thomas.

When Dhoni was in Kolkata as of late, Thomas chose to meet him. In addition to the fact that Dhoni recognized the tea stall owner, the former captain took him out for an extravagant supper.  An enthusiastic Thomas named his tea stall as “Dhoni Tea Stall”.

Final swansong?

Similarly, as MS Dhoni was approaching his cricketing return, fate went ahead, and the Coronavirus pandemic saw the Indian Premier League (IPL) Season 13 being suspended.

The whole cricketing universe was anxious to see the former India captain come back to activity in the wake of being out for quite a long time. Yet, then the world incurred one of its most exceedingly awful emergency ever.

In the past few days, the catastrophic rise in coronavirus positive cases in India has put the nation into a fix. Undoubtedly, this is presently a battle among coronavirus and MS Dhoni himself.

While the CSK skipper probably won’t be in inescapable physical peril from the infection, for the present, the pandemic has just begun influencing Dhoni’s career in a roundabout way.

In the event that the IPL gets cancelled, India is slated to proceed with the young wicket-keepers KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant and with just a bunch of matches played before the World Cup, Dhoni doesn’t have a possibility of being chosen. In all sense, with the T20 world, be postponed to next year that gives MSD an array of hope.

At long last, in the same way as other of his renowned last-over finishes, the current coronavirus danger on Dhoni’s journey is ending up being probably the most significant challenges for the World Cup-winning skipper.

Tragically, in this case, his bat is as futile against the infection as he caused havoc against the opposition bowlers in his hay-days. As the vast majority of his fans, Dhoni can try to remain safe apart from waiting for the outbreak to pass by just like leaving the ball outside off stump.

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