Discovery suspends operations in Russia, 15 channels gone off air


Discovery has suspended all operations in Russia amid the war on Ukraine. Around 15 channels that operate through Media Alliance, a joint venture with Russias National Media Group has gone off air.

According to the reports, the business joins a growing number of media companies that are turning their backs on Russian operations. CNN, which also operates through the same joint venture, stopped broadcasting from within Russia following a new media law passed last week that criminalizes the publication of “false information” about Russia’s military.

Under the new law, journalists who call the war a “war” could be prosecuted and sentenced to prison. The BBC also suspended its journalism from Russia following the announcement of the new censorship law, although it U-turned on its decision on Tuesday and has now resumed reporting.

The report further added that the move boils down to concerns over media censorship — Discovery is a major news player in Europe via its ownership of Poland’s largest news channel, TVN24 — as well as the ongoing war in Ukraine.

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