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Do Wearing Masks Really Matter?

Do Wearing Masks Really Matter

The issue of wearing face in public is coming up frequently these days. A common sentiment is, “If I am not at high risk for COVID-19, then why should I wear a mask?” I speculate this is the reason why so many people in public sites don’t bother to cover their nose and mouth. 

American president Donald Trump once stated that “This is voluntary, I don’t think I am going to do it”. But for those who don’t care about politics what is the right thing to do?

The truth is I have never worn a mask in my life before COVID. In my culture, it’s just not a thing and I remember the first time I saw a person wearing a mask in Japan. It was a lady, and there was no COVID, no virus attack but she still wore a mask! When asked she replied, “Wearing a mask is a sign of politeness”.

When a person has the flu, their main responsibility was not to spread it to other people. It was a selfless act to protect others and that was the culture in Japan.

So naturally, with COVID almost everyone here wears a mask. They wear it not just to be polite, but to save people’s lives. If you are sick, then without a mask 100% of the droplets spread to people around you but with a mask almost 90% of mouth droplets get contained. And even if you are not sick people should compulsorily wear masks. 

Many COVID cases are asymptomatic which means even if you are feeling well and everything is normal you may still have Coronavirus! They can spread it to others until it reaches a person who may die from this disease. Forget politics, science doesn’t lie about the fundamental concept behind wearing a mask. That’s why in Hong Kong 97% of the population wear masks.

The Government has recommended, “Wearing a mask in public sectors where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies) especially in areas of significant community-based transmission is mandatory.”

According to a recent study, if 80% of the population wore a mask it would help to subdue COVID more than a strict LOCKDOWN would. In other words, a mask saves lives, a mask is more effective than a lockdown, a mask allows us to start the economy.

In that case, the choice is much clear than ever do we play with someone else’s life or do we wear a mask and cover our mouth. That depends upon us how we represent ourselves, how much we conscious about our health, and for our country.


Article Written By Somanath Sahu

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