Does India want to respond to the tensions that China is creating at the border?


The Indian military has repeatedly warned China for crossing the border. The talks began after the Indian Ministry of Defense ordered the Indian Army to lay down large quantities of weapons to retaliate against China.

According to reports, Indian Army have been ordered to prepare for war. The soldiers, who had previously been deployed at the border, had a rule to keep the weapons needed for the next 10 days of combat. However, the army has now been instructed to use ammunition for the 15-day bilateral war.

It also called for the stockpiling of various weapons and the use of emergency funds. More than Rs 50,000 crore is planned to be spent on this. The money will be used to buy weapons and ammunition for the military from abroad and from within the country. According to sources, the Indian Army plans to buy ammunition with a large number of missiles and tanks.

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India and China have long been embroiled in controversy in eastern Ladakh. Similarly, the Pakistani side is in danger. That is why the Indian government is said to have taken such a step.

Many years before, the army was told to be ready for a 40-day battle. However, it was reduced to 10-I level, or 10-day, due to problems with the storage of ammunition. But after the Uri attack, it became clear that the ammunition stored by the soldiers was quite low.

To this end, the Ministry of Defense, led by the former Minister of Defense Manohar Parrikar, increased the financial capacity of the three armies from Rs 100 crore to Rs 500 crore. The three forces were said to be able to spend an additional Rs 300 crore to meet their needs in the event of an emergency and to purchase weapons used in warfare.

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