DRDO Espionage Case: Mysterious Woman Offered To Marry One Of Accused

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

The ‘mysterious’ woman agent, who had allegedly honey-trapped the five accused in the DRDO espionage case, had proposed to marry one of them as per the reports.

Crime Branch SP Prashant Kumar Bisoyi stated that one of the accused in the case, Basant Behera had received the money in his bank account from a foreign account in two instalments wherein one instalment, Rs 24,000 was deposited and in the second, Rs 14,000. Basant was in contact with the mysterious woman through social media.

Further Bisoyi added that Basant’s chat with the woman on Facebook and Whatsapp has been cracked and during one such chat, the woman, who is suspected to be belonging to Dubai, had proposed to marry Basant. Another accused, Sachin Kumar alias Chheta, who was the driver of the ITR director, had a relation with three women.

Bisoyi further added that it has been confirmed from the preliminary investigation that all the five accused were involved in leaking secret information about the missile test at ITR. They were providing information about the dates of missile tests from ITR and whether those were successful or not to the foreign agent.

Basanta Behera, Hemanta Kumar Mistry, Tapas Ranjan Nayak, and Sheikh Musaphir, from Jhampurahat, driver Chheta and Nuanai were arrested in the case under Chandipur police station.

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