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In an exclusive interview with the incumbent Director-Industries Dept.( Govt.of Odisha) MD.Sadique Alam

by Soumayashree Mishra


In an exclusive interview with the incumbent Director-Industries Dept.( Govt.of Odisha) MD.Sadique Alam with range of issues related to Odisha Industrial growth & its long lasting impact along with the importance of conducting the flagship event in the likes of Make-in-India Conclave 2022 by the Govt.of Odisha.

What are your thoughts on the most sought after flagship event of your Industries Department Make in Odisha Conclave 2022?


Ans- As you are aware that Make in Odisha Conclave 2022 is the flagship Global investor summit of the Government of Odisha. The Conclave is a unique opportunity to understand Odisha’s policy and regulatory environment, and the vast existing and emerging business opportunities across sectors. It promises to take engagement to the next level with a wide range of activities and events.

Our unique offerings would include:

Networking: One-to-one meetings with policy makers, B2B meetings among industries and entrepreneurs, B2G meetings with senior Government functionaries on business proposals

Plenaries/Business Leadership Talks/Country sessions/sessions on sectoral themes

Exhibition: Live product and technology demonstrations by Indian and international companies; and Success stories of investors in Odisha.

Cultural Events

Benefits to Participants: Know the business ecosystem in the state; Learn about ready-to-invest projects and Networking with Government officials and industries.



Through Make in Odisha Conclave, we are focusing on putting Odisha as the next investment destination across the globe. We intend to bring a paradigm shift in how Government interacts with the Industry. The approach is more of a Facilitator, rather a regulator. Through this Conclave, we open doors for Industry Captains, investors, thought leaders, and policy and opinion makers to have a comprehensive understanding of Odisha’s policy.

We are looking forward to a lot of investment opportunities and employment opportunities emerging out of the MIO Conclave. On the MIO platform, CXOs, strategists, technology evangelists, thought leaders and Leading international and national companies will discuss trending and emerging opportunities in the business world, which is a huge opportunity for us, the people of Odisha, to leverage.




Investment has been flooded from your Industries Department by top business houses beyond India, what is the defining factor of Odisha becoming the most preferred destinations for setting of industries?


There are multiple factors which have led to Odisha becoming a preferred destination for investments. It is a product of continuous efforts and synergies between various departments of the state government. Odisha has 10 agro-climatic zones conducive to wide range of agri & horticultural produces and abundant water bodies with 480 kilometres long coastline along the Bay of Bengal and a command over 11 per cent of total water resources of the country spreading over 11 river basins. Besides, being a mineral rich state, it contributes to the largest value of mineral production in the country for major minerals like Chromite, Iron ore, Bauxite, Manganese ore and Nickel.


As regards infrastructure, we have dedicated metal and food parks. There are 123 industrial estates/areas with all basic infrastructures. State has contemplated to establish dedicated Multiproduct MSME Parks in each district. We also have 3 major sea ports, 1 international airport and 1 domestic airport to enable free flow of trade within and outside the country. We have dedicated metal and food parks. State has network of 10000 km of National and state Highways connecting the hinterland of resource-rich regions and mother plants to the largest port on the east coast. Moreover, Biju Express Highway has been taken up along 09 western districts furthering improvement in connectivity. Similarly, network of 2540 km of rail corridors is available across the State for a seamless freight movement.


On Policy front, Industrial Policy Resolution, Odisha MSME Development Policy, Odisha Food Processing Policy ,Odisha Startup Policy, and many sectoral policies are put in place for promotion of entrepreneurial activities in the State. Further New Industrial Policy Resolution along with other sectoral policies, incorporating best practices and minimization of regulatory compliances, are on the anvil to attract investment.


Odisha has been ranked as an ‘Achiever’ in the latest EoDB and Logistics Index rankings. The MSME Department has also been awarded the first prize in the category ‘National MSME Award 2022 to States/UTs for outstanding contribution in the promotion and Development of MSME Sector”. We continuously strive to provide a flourishing industrial ecosystem in the state which has led to investments by top business houses beyond India.


From being the advantageous state in terms of Ease of Doing Business, we have a competitive “Cost of Doing BuIsness

terms of Industrial Power Tariff, Skilled Labour Wage & Consumer Price Index, and as per the recent survey, the growth rate of Industries in Odisha is among the top states in the country.

Besides all the factors responsible for making Odisha as the most preferred destination for setting of industries, I would like to highlight that a stable governance has been the foundation of this notable development. The holistic efforts put by every concerned stakeholder under the able leadership 0f Hon’ble Chief Minister, has been one of the most important factor behind all the success the state has been witnessing.


You have done a phenomenal job in bringing a lot of reforms in the industries Dept as the Director to make it a fruit bearing Department. Therefore can you brief a few key elements out of these?

Thank you for the compliment. I feel it is the collective effort of everyone at the Industries and MSME Department, Directorate of Industries, Govt Corporations and the District Industries Centres and Regional Industries Centres.
Redesigning the policies is one of the major initiatives that we have taken for Large Industries, MSMEs, Food Processing units, Exporting units and Startups. We are coming up with the new IPR Policy, MSMED Policy; Food Processing Policy, Export Promotion Policy, Startup Policy and other sectoral policies. These are enabling and inclusive policies. We have analyzed the performances of our previous policies, benchmarked the policies of a few progressive nations and states of our country and had several rounds of stakeholder consultations. Our policies ensure that we encourage more entrepreneurs from
Industrially backward region
Industrial areas along the Biju Expressway
Priority Sectors
Focus sectors (sectors which are expected to generate employment and livelihood opportunities)
Anchor enterprises
Enterprises investing in non-polluting and green measures
We also have the online Single Window Counter facilities for the industries. From application to set up a unit to receiving incentives and subsidies, the MSM entrepreneurs can get quick and hassle free approvals.
The Government of Odisha with its online Single Window Portal, GO SWIFT has bought a reform in providing all required information/clearances in a hassle-free & paperless manner. Presently, 56 services across 18 Departments integrated with GOSWIFT 2.0
Its noteworthy to mention here that, Under the Central Monitoring System, out of 411 services notified, more than 370 services have been made online and others are being rolled out in swift mode.
It may be added that implementation of policies and governance are critical from the perspective of investment promotion. 5T framework of Hon’ble Chief Minister focusses on Transformation utilizing other ‘T’s namely Transparency, Technology, Team and Time. We have online platform for administration of incentives – AIM – put in place which ensures timely delivery of services through teamwork in a transparent manner utilizing technology. Moreover, Odisha Right to Public Service Act for hassle free, transparent, timely delivery of service with reduced cost of transaction. Further, MO SARKAR platform institutionalized by State Government provides opportunity for policy makers to interact with citizens for ensuring quality of services rendered.
Our government has always focused on making citizen participation more meaningful and move them up the “ladder of participation”.

You are a decent officer with all decency and a true performer, what’s your philosophy on life and living?

I would like to quote “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” This means If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. I always consider myself as a team player and believe that all the accolades, rewards & recognitions received are a collaborated team effort. To be a performer, we need to have every single aspect in harmony with each other and I have always tried to maintain the same with my Colleagues, Fellow workers in any department.
Working on the Whole of Government approach, I believe this inclusive and transparent approach to my work has been an integral part of my life as an administrator.


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