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Exclusive: “INX Media is owned by Mukesh Ambani, his family and friends” – Peter Mukherjee


The INX media corruption case is taking a new turn. News published in the national media, The Wire, is now the talk of the town. Peter Mukherjee, the main accused in the INX case, is said to have made a deadly statement against Mukesh Ambani, the country’s richest man. The INX media owned by Mukesh Ambani and his ‘family and friends’, Peter said.

Earlier, former finance minister P Chidambaram and his son Karthi Chidambaram were jailed for involvement in the INX media scam following statements by Peter Mukherjee and his wife Indrani Mukherjee. Peter Mukherjee also told the ED that Ambani, Chidambaram’s father and his son were close. Peter’s statement suggests that ED’s allegations are true. ED alleged that money had been sent to Karthi from Ambani Farm. Mukharjee husband and wife are the representatives of a farm owned by Ambani, Mukherjee said during the investigation.

The term of the head of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) under the Union Finance Ministry has been extended by the central government by one year. Surprisingly, they called Chidambaram and his son for investigation and arrested him. But when the main accused Mukherjee, spoke out about Ambani’s involvement in the case, the ED did not summon Mukesh for questioning.

‘The Wire’ wanted to know if Peter, Ambani had already mentioned their affair in 2016, has ED taken any steps to cross-examine Mukesh so far? Is the firm that paid Karti in the name of Ambani, and if so, does he know about the bribe-taking? ‘The Wire’ also tried to find out what steps ED has taken so far to find out.

An ED official in charge of investigating the case declined to comment, saying his superiors could say so. Later, when asked by his superiors, they gave the same answer. Reliance was asked the same question, but no answer was forthcoming.

Peter believed that 60 percent of the shares in the farm were in the name of Mukesh, family and friends. He said 10 per cent of that was in the name of him and his wife Indrani, while 40 per cent of the Indrani was kept for Mukesh Ambani and his family. Mukesh’s friend bought 20 per cent through a private equity firm, NSRPE. So Ambani is the largest shareholder of INX Media, Peter said. However, Peter made his statement on March 7, 2018, in front of Assistant Director Vivek Maheshwari. However, if the handwritten statement under this PMLA is recorded in front of an Assistant Director, it can be considered a valid certificate in court. Another accused, Indrani Mukherjee, also named Mukesh Ambani during her statement. On October 5, 2019, Indrani responded to an assistant director.

However, after recording the statements of the two accused, it is not clear what the next ED investigation into Mukesh Ambani’s involvement in the case was. This is not the first time that Ambani has been involved in politics. However, he was not questioned in any of the cases, according to The Wire.

Image Source : The Wire

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