Five things you need to know before Joining an Educational Institution

by Subhechcha Ganguly

The admission session is in its peak. The students and the parents are now in a rat race to find best Educational Institution for their children. Let us talk about what are the key factors one should keep in mind while selecting the best Educational Institution for Children.

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The fee structure of Educational Institution

The fee structure of the Educational Institution is one of the most important factors one should look after before joining the institution. Necessary research about hidden costs, such as activities, additional projects etc. should be found out so that there is no issue after the admission.

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The placement facilities (if it is a college)

The placement facilities hold a major importance if you are in a college. Researching on the placement facilities your branch or stream has got is very important. If your college has several branches in the metropolitan cities make sure you check out the list of placements from your center.

Hostel Facilities and Other Amenities

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If you are going to opt for the hostel look carefully about the total cost and check whether it consists of food, laundry and other facilities, so that you don’t have a problem later on. Even if one stays near and is not opting for hostel, you should glance through the fees once just in case if there are events and you have to stay for it.

Games and other co curricular Activities

File:HK YMCA TST Club Basketball Court n Young Children Course a.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Games and other co-curricular facilities should be checked once before joining any institution as it is very important. These facilities are required not only for enjoyment but also for bettering of the communication skills in Children.

Parent Teacher Feedback Sessions

The Parent Teacher Feedback sessions are one of the most important sections for the communication of faculties with Guardians. For smooth functioning one should positively check if these facilities are available before joining any institution.

By Subhechcha Ganguly

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