From research scholar to the wayside vendor

From research scholar to the wayside vendor

“When nails grow long, we cut nails not fingers. Similarly, when misunderstandings grow up, cut your ego or narcissism, not your relationships.”

Some of you might think about the headline of this article whether it is a misplacement of words or it’s simply in the reverse order. But here none of it has been done. The facts in this story are opposite to the normal flow of thoughts.

In the recent case of street vendor Raeesa Ansari whose video got viral on social media in which she expressed her displeasure in fluent English about the administration’s move to impose prohibitive measures on street vendors in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

She said that the repeated curbs in Indore’s markets have left the fruit and vegetable sellers penniless. Raeesa Ansari later identified herself as a former research scholar of Devi Ahilya University, Indore. She took admission into PhD in material science in 2004 and did it in 2011 after completing her master’s in physics.

According to her claim, her relationship with her PhD guide was poor, because in news published by a media house wrongly named her guide, due to which they deliberately ruined her future.

She claimed that her viva exams were delayed by up to two years. And she got no government job at Indian science research centres because her professors gave negative remarks about her.

After that, she joined a private job which she had to leave due to medical problems and after that, there has been no option left for her other than becoming a street vendor.

This incident not only raised the question against the education system, unemployment but also the immaturity of professors which is pretty evident in some way or other because school students often bear a lot of those who choose not to become sycophants of teachers.

Dr Rajkumar Chauhan, who was posted at DAVV’s physics department before 2010 in an interview to News18 told that he recognized Raeesa as she had been a student then and met her frequently.

“I remember that Raeesa had given a decked up fruit basket for my daughter’s engagement,” recounted Chauhan. “She was a bright student and used to study hard but I am not sure what prompted her to start working at her family’s shop,” Chauhan further added.

In that video, responding to a question posed to her, why she’s not doing a job as she is well qualified, she said that who will give her job as her name is Raeesa Ansari.

She said employers will not give any job to her or refuse her resume by knowing her name because the media had disseminated that Muslims are the carriers of COVID-19.

This reply posed a question over the media which should be more responsible at the time of crisis but their cold shoulder to the crux of the matter and misrepresentation of the Muslims through the debate shows with the title Talibani link of Tabligi Jamat and sensationalism of the issue has put journalism in dire straits with several questions without being answered.

Dr Ashutosh Mishra, the HoD at DAVV Physics Department confirmed that Raeesa had been a student around a decade ago. Mishra claimed that Raeesa was a bright scholar.

On Raeesa’s charges of being denied chances because of being Muslim, the HoD rubbished the allegations saying caste has nothing to do with jobs in the field of science and technology as all that matters is merit and scientific temperament.

Dr Ratnesh Gupta, under whom Raeesa completed her PhD, said that he could not remember her as it was an old issue. She said that after the video got viral, members of Markaz and Sunni welfare committee have come to help her out but she refused it and said I’ve done my education and now I can survive as a vendor, if they really want to help then please sponsor the education of a girl.

Transformation of a scholar into a millennial. Last year over one lakh aspirants which hold the master degree fill the form of Grade-D post in Bihar.

Those who work tirelessly to remove the tag of poverty as in this case Raeesa and her family who form bidis (cigarettes) to bear the cost of education and become scientists or a similar one to serve the nation, if their future will be ruined in this manner then very soon nation will have to pay through its nose and people will be lost their faith in education and teachers.

Teachers should stop expecting and start accepting. “Good teachers are costly but bad teachers cost more.” Media, the fourth pillar of democracy, has to work accordingly. They should become the mouthpiece of the public rather than the government.

Article Written By Chanderveer Singh

Image Source: Google

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