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Government Bans Import Of AC With Refrigerants

Government -Bans -Import -Of -AC -With- Refrigerants
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The central government has decided to ban the import of air conditioners (AC) with refrigerants with immediate effect on Thursday. A notification has been issued for this.

The notification has been issued for this. The move is aimed at boosting domestic manufacturing and reducing imports of non-essential goods aiming at Atmanirbhar Bharat. The Directorate General of Foreign

Trade clearly stated in a notification, “The import of air conditioners with refrigerants. The policy has been revised. Under this, it has been removed from the free category and put in the restrictive list.

The government is ensuring steps to promote domestic manufacturing and reduce imports of non-essential items. Earlier, in June, the government banned the import of new pneumatic tires used in cars, buses, and motorcycles.

Now export of alcohol-based hand sanitizer can be done. The demand for hand sanitizer has been increasing in the entire world, including India, in the Corona epidemic. On the other hand, Indian sanitizer companies want to sell their products in the world markets. In view of these facts, the central government took this critical decision.

Earlier, in view of increasing coronavirus cases in India, the central government had banned its export. But in the event of production exceeding demand, the Central Government has decided to relax these rules.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, amending its notification of June 1, 2020, has agreed that alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be exported in containers with dispenser pumps.

In the statement issued on Thursday, it has been said that this amendment will come into force with immediate effect.

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