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Consider sending those not wearing masks to COVID care centres for service: Gujarat High Court


The main weapon in breaking the corona infection chain is to follow the guidelines. Social distance and wearing of mask are the main weapons in the fight against the coronavirus. The former head of the ICMR said that even wearing a mask would not require vaccines. But some are reluctant to comply with the law. Wearing a mask when leaving the house seems like a burden to some. So all the state governments are making it mandatory to wear masks and levying huge sums of fines from violators.
Violators will now pay the fine and get the job. Failure to wear a mask will result in a fine. After that, if he is not wearing a mask, then he will have to work in Covid centres. The Gujarat High Court has directed the state government to do the same. The state government has repeatedly appealed to the public to wear masks until the vaccine arrives. But for some violators, the impact is not felt.
The High Court, however, has taken a stern stance in view of the rising incidence of corona infections in the state. The High Court has directed the state government to send those who walk around without a mask to the non-medical department of the Covid Community Center for 10-15 days. Fearing this, people will wear masks every day. The High Court also directed the government to respond to the situation in the state.
Notably, the mask was appealed to the Gujarat High Court. The petitioner pointed out that the people were not wearing masks. Therefore, fines of Rs 2,000 should be levied in Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara and Rs 1,000 in other cities in the state. He further added that those who did not comply with the fine even after fining should be sent to duty at the Covid Center. The High Court heard the appeal and made this rule.

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