Has the youth Lost the Habit of Reading and Creative Writing ?

Special Feature with Youth Author and Writer Shruti Priya

by Subhechcha Ganguly

With the Gen Z generation who are primarily focused on their mobile phones most of the time , it is a very valid question weather the Youth has entirely given up on their reading habit or not. According to a survey by Readers Mind , The percentage of readers have decreased upto 30% from 1999 till date.

Let us understand what Shruti Priya has to say about it

Habit is a thing which you practice daily and then slowly it becomes a part of your daily-life, if we take a look on lifestyle of today’s youth , the Gen-Z gen, they are mostly moved by the internet and things presented by it, well this doesn’t mean that internet is bad, it can bring the whole knowledge of the universe at your fingertips. Does that say to not look into books or to not read?– NO, But today’s youth have lost the habit of reading, since childhood and due to today’s education system books are made to seem boring and some of the current generation kids really just fear books because they were not exposed to the variety and allurance of the books.

Same can be said for creative writing…Say like you have an English Exam and a topic is given for writing essay in 500 words. Now, most of us will think that essay is hectic and uninteresting, but to say that “Wasn’t it the 500 word limit or a topic which you may not even like? And did you ever try to write a topic you really liked with no count of words?”… This whole thought process would not have crossed most of the minds of today’s youth. If you ask someone who writes as habit, it is like some medication, making your own universe on a blank page.

However there is a section of the youth , who has taken up the hobby of writing with utmost passion and interest. Let us have a conversation with one such youth.

Shruti , you have co authored a lot of books , be it Shabdon ka Kawaan , Emerald Volume 2 and others. How was your experience ?

I have co-authored around 6-7 books and got to know about all of these through my networks and pages available on Instagram.This clearly shows how the young teens can utilize various social media platforms like Facebook , Instagram, LinkedIn to avail competitions and internships in their skill set. I will be soon publishing my solo book “Forever is a Delusion “ next year.I gained a lot of experience and learnt so much from my co-authors and the publishing houses which all the more added my skill and knowledge towards the writing field.

 Do you feel the pressure of studies ,which affects the creative writing skills that you have ?

Definitely managing studies along with my passion for writing has been difficult but that’s a part of life now and over these years I have learnt to manage. Writing has been a habit now from hobby so I write as if I breathe.It calms me down , soothes my soul and make me all the more focused and clear which in turn helps me in memorizing the concepts of my academic curriculum. I am currently a first year btech student at NIT Jamshedpur and whenever I get time or I need some mental clarity , my first to do list is writing.Though I started writing when I  was in 7th grade , my age that time would have been 14 or 15 years and my motivation then were my teachers.

You have even won accolades in a lot of competitions . What keeps you going and motivated ?

I drive my motivation mainly from the reaction of the audience, when I see those scintillating eyes , blissful smile and standing ovation and those claps and shouts , it triggers me to perform more , to write more. I have delivered my self-written poems in various school and state level elocution and poetry competitions and won various medals and trophies but their were times when I lost too but overall it’s about learning , I remember this quote of mine “ ya to jeetenge ya to seekhenge” and each competition taught me new ways of writing and speaking and I had the opportunity to learn from my competitors too. My mother also writes well and she has been my guide throughout, professionally she is a teacher but indeed she has taught me how to write, how to present, deliver at stage during my teens.

Tell us something about your blog .

I started my blog रोहिणी (shanushruti.blogspot.com).  in the year 2017 and named the page “Rohini” cause am born in that constellation. I was in 7th grade at that time.It consists of a collection of my self-written poems till now both in Hindi and English which are best in terms of delivering it on stage cause I have won many a times reciting those on stages . Starting a blog was always in my wish lists and I started off with the basic HTML code which I learnt then. To add on computers has been my favourite subject throughout and creating a webpage and adding my poems was way enthralling and a fun task for me. I aim to have a more organized and well established webpage by I turn 25 and it would be a dream come true if in future the young teens, the writers from all over the world visit my page , read my poems at a more mass level and take inspiration from them.

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