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Hathras, Balrampur, Azamgarh, Bulandshahar; where and who is next

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Two minors were raped in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr and Azamgarh, only hours time after the demise of the Hathras gangrape victim on Tuesday.

While a 14-year-old young lady was raped in Bulandshahr, the victim in the Azamgarh case is just 8-year-old.

The two cases come as a 22-year-old Dalit woman was ruthlessly gangraped and killed in the Balrampur region on Wednesday.

A 20-year-old person purportedly raped an eight-year-old young lady in a town in Azamgarh region of Uttar Pradesh, the police said on Wednesday.

The perpetrator, a neighbor, took the young girl to his home in Jiyanpur region, telling to her mom that he was going to take her for bath, the police stated, citing from the grumbling recorded by the young’s mom.

The perpetrator had additionally taken the young’s garments from her mom, the police said.

At the point when the girl got back from the neighbor’s home, she was in torment and bleeding, the police included.

The young was rushed to hospital where her condition is serious, they said.

A minor young girl was purportedly raped by her 20-year-old neighbor in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr on Tuesday night.

The victim is going through treatment. A report has been registered against the charged and endeavors are on to arrest him. The charged will be arrested soon, police said.

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