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Heritage Signage To Bring Uniformity And Promote Tourism: BDA

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Known for the captivating cultural heritage with impressive temples and monuments, the heritage Signage Guidelines will farther heighten the overall beauty of heritage zones of Bhubaneswar. This will help to bring back the concord in signage design and installation.

The signage which is based on some new guidelines will help the local visitors or national and international tourists for exploring more about the monuments and the archaeological sites. The information provided will further help in creating more awareness among the people regarding cultural heritage. Right now, there are different types of signage which have installed in Ekamra Kshetra, which will help to lead a visual confusion and inadequacy of proper understanding signage which usually creates uncertainty among visitors. Because of which BDA had classified the need to develop guidelines for allied signage designs for special heritage zones as defined in CDP – 2030 in 2016. Even BDA is also endeavouring to mention the Street Design Guidelines very soon over ODA Rules 2020.

The signage guidelines will pertain to the proposed Heritage District in Bhubaneswar Development Plan Authority as per its Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP)-2030, which involves ‘Ekamra Kshetra Heritage Zone (Old Bhubaneswar), Aitihashik Kshetra Heritage Zone (Sishupalgarh) and Sanskritik Kshetra Heritage Zone (Dhauli). Under Sub-Rule (1) of Rule 52 of the ODA (P&BS) Rules 2020, there will be proper preparation and designing projects including building plan approval, building construction, addition, remodelling, restoration, installation of signage, display boards, temporary facilities and shop signage in the stated area. The primary purpose of the signage guidelines is to provide clear and brief information which is suitable and consistent for all sites.  This will help in promoting a blended display for all signages and discard the irregular, unproductive and unnecessary signs.

So the new signages will be uniform heritage, interpretive, directional, building, business, and orientation and facility signages in the zone. And the signages will be made in such a way that it will show respect towards age, architecture & scale of the historic building as well as landmark nature of the overall streetscape.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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