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Prem Chandra Chaudhury, VC, BDA

Imbued with a passion for urban reforms, Prem Chandra Chaudhury(Smart City in Fast Lane) is investing assiduous efforts for the holistic development of the Bhubaneswar region. With the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) drawn for the city failing to meet the benchmark, BDA has firmed up plans for a fresh CDP to create and upgrade infrastructure over the next five years.

Recently at the BDA’s 37th Foundation Day celebration, Chaudhury(Smart City in Fast Lane) said they have already received the approval of the Housing and Urban Development department in this regard.

“The CDP will focus on the city’s future progress in terms of infrastructure and other facilities. We will develop it through public participation and feedback,” he said.

The achievement under the existing CDP has not been much compared to what had been projected 10 years back. 

The ensuing CDP will be more realistic and focus on what is doable in five years.

The existing housing regulations will be suitably amended in line with the amnesty scheme introduced last year.

The new regulations will encourage vertical constructions in which the Floor Area Ratio limit will be increased.

It will not only help the public to follow the norms conveniently but also bring down the land cost which has become abnormally high.

Under the leadership of Chaudhury, BDA also has plans to take over its amusement park BDA City Centre currently managed by a private firm. 

The amusement park, the first in the State, was set up by BDA and Nicco Group along the City’s largest natural drain at Sachivalay Marg in December 1998.

Spreading across 24 acres of land, it was a major crowd puller during its initial days.

However, the park lost its sheen over a period of time due to a lack of maintenance.

Chaudhury said that a proposal for takeover by BDA has already been sent to the department of housing & urban development.

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