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High-Speed Internet To Panchayats On Fast Track By Odisha Government


Odisha Government has fast track the work of high-speed internet connectivity to Gram Panchayats to assure applications of IT in governance transformation.

The decision was made during the review meeting of the State Level Implementation Committee on the Bharat Net project held through video conferencing. Chief Secretary Suresh Chandra Mohapatra who was presented during the meeting stated that with the current situation internet connectivity is the most essential part of every livelihood and is required for maintaining a high growth rate in the rural sector. The process of internet connectivity will help for the empowerment of common people and building a capacity. Even for quality education and health services, internet connectivity in every area is necessary.

During the meeting, it was decided that all the government offices including the schools, medicals, banks, and common service centers will have access to broadband connectivity. For promoting health care, e-learning, and profitable Agri-commerce, telemedicine centers and agriculture pavilions will be now connected.

Manoj Kumar Mishra, Secretary, Electronics and Telecommunication (E & IT) Manoj Kumar Mishra stated that OCAC would be the chief bandwidth provider in remote areas after the work is completed. He further stated that as per the data, in the first phase of the project, 3810 GPs and 181 blocks have been taken up. As of now, 3770 GPs and 175 blocks have been connected. The work for connecting other 2954 GPs and 133 blocks of 12 districts has been taken up under phase II. Under this phase, around 20,000 km of areal optical fiber will be drawn and the work of 13,400 km has been completed.

He further informed that the Phase-II work is being administered under the collaboration of OCAC, OPTCL, and Tarasoft. With this infrastructure, the GPs within the scope of the SWAn network will be constructed.

Chief Secretary Suresh Chandra Mohapatra also governed to complete the physical work by end of May.

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