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How Ganjam Becomes Odisha’s Covid-19 Hotspot?

The Coronavirus cases in Ganjam district is increasing day by day with high numbers. The virus spread in this district when the migrant workers returned to their homes, and since then the contamination of COVID was a bit tricky. The virus was no longer confined to the migrant workers who were also quarantined in the hospital centres or at home.

Around 10363 cases have been reported with about 100 deaths, which is the highest number in the State. Bhubaneswar, the capital city, stands in the second position with 4200 cases and 30 deaths till now. With the rising numbers in Ganjam, this district is declared as the worst affected in the State. 

The rising number of cases started when the Government allowed Workers who were stuck in other States to return to their home. The relaxation on Lockdown regulations permitted the movement of Inter-state vehicles to which many migrant workers returned to Odisha.

Out of 550000 people who returned to Odisha, 400000 were from Ganjam which was a vast number. The people returned in buses, cars, motorcycle and other means of transportation.

According to the State Government’s figures, the total number of trains to arrive in Odisha was 256, which shows that around 80% of people who have returned to Ganjam are by rail. But it’s not just the people from another state who have returned to Ganjam, but many from another part of the State were also included. 

How Ganjam Becomes Odisha's Covid-19 Hotspot
Migrant Workers

The State government also extended the Lockdown in the State, but the number of cases kept rising, affecting the worst. In the worst-case scenario, Ganjan also shares its border with Andhra Pradesh which helps to immigrate many unauthorized returnees who must not have been in quarantine and could transmit the virus among others.

But there is a decline in the cases in the last two days. The Government has come up with Plasma centres and door-to-door testing.  The citizens slowly follow the increase in awareness of wearing masks and social distancing norms. The Lockdown has been extended till August 31 with few exceptions.

  •  Entry and exit to the district will be restricted till month-end, and the only exception will be people out on essential or emergency causes.
  • Entry and exit points will also be restricted for Ganjam’s urban areas, especially in Berhampur.
  •  People coming from rural areas to the urban areas will also be limited since urban areas have more cases.
  • Lockdown timings have been relaxed, and shops can now remain open from 5 am to 4 pm. The shopkeepers will have to follow social distancing norms along with previously decided 5-point rule. Strict action will be taken against the shopkeepers who fail to follow this rule. Along with fine, FIR against the shopkeeper and even closure of shops for a month may also be imposed.
  •  Restriction on sale and consumption of tobacco products and spitting will remain
  •  Strict night curfew to imposed from 4 pm to 5 am every day
  • The weekly shutdown will also be enforced as usual.
Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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