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How Teen Desire built a firm business footprint

How Teen Desire built a firm business footprint

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How Teen Desire built a firm business footprint 1

S. Satpal Singh, Promoter of Pal Heights

S Satpal Singh(How Teen Desire built a firm business footprint) has straddled the worlds of hospitality and automobiles in Odisha, achieving enviable success in the two businesses. It’s his enthusiasm that is impelling him to greater heights. For the septuagenarian Singh, there are no shortcuts to success.

Rather, he(How Teen Desire built a firm business footprint) banks on patience, hard work, and attitude. Figuring among the 50 prominent Sikhs in the country, Singh is the backbone of the Sikh community in Odisha.

He has been actively participating in social works, providing free education to underprivileged children and job opportunities to the youth of Sikh families living in and around Odisha.

Singh(How Teen Desire built a firm business footprint) has been honored with awards galore for his exemplary services towards society and humanity.

When did you come to Odisha?

I(How Teen Desire built a firm business footprint) was only 19 when I visited Odisha for the first time, and I was just in love with the place and decided to settle here. I shifted to Odisha in 1966 against the wishes of my father, who wanted me to become a Doctor.

Still, he extended financial support, which helped me to make such a successful endeavor in Bhubaneswar.

When I stepped here, I felt like my destiny is waiting for me to give recognition in the field of automobiles sector. Within no time, I became an energetic automobile entrepreneur in Odisha. 

Take us through your business journey…

In 1967, when I set up Pal-automobile I realized that most of the people from the capital city were reliant on Cuttack for the automobile-related stuff as they were getting more facilities there.

In those days, Cuttack was the business hub of Odisha. The Engine Reboring Workshop was in Cuttack. Then, I(How Teen Desire built a firm business footprint) got a tire dealership, and I was the youngest tire dealer of Bhubaneswar.

In 1969, I initiated the Engine Reboring Workshop here in Bhubaneswar in the name of Pal Motors and Engineers, as I wished to stop people heading to Cuttack. Still, I was distraught about why people were not buying from us.

So, I made my mind to provide tire at the doorstep of our esteemed customers. We became an active supplier to meet the requirements of people.

We are growing with the city, so we planned to expand our business further, and then we decided to enter into a construction venture in the name of Pal Construction in 1980. I am the first person who started construction in a mechanized way with all advanced technology.

Along with my son, we expanded the business from automobiles and retail shops to the authorized retailers, distributors, and the number one commercial vehicle dealer of Tata Motors of Odisha.

Along with Tata recognized mechanized bodybuilding plants for all kinds of heavy vehicles in Bhubaneswar, we have established automobile engines reconditioning plants in Bhubaneswar.

Further, in 2006, we spread our wings to the hospitality industry and opened a 4-star hotel along with the shopping mall in the heart of the city christening it ‘Hotel Pal Heights.’ In 2017, another 4-star hotel at National Highways named “Hotel Pal Heights Mantra” was opened.

Recently, we have stamped our presence in international standard confectionary at World Baker where our finest trained chefs ensure they bake the goodies into a premium cake. We are happy to employ more than 1000 people.

Are you eyeing business expansion in the near future?

I never faced failure in my entire life, and with the grace of God, our business is on a successful path right from the beginning. Our business expansion is our ladder of success.

Continuing this story of success, we are planning to have a modern convention hall with a capacity to accommodate 3,000 people and equipped with 70 rooms.

Besides this, at Puri Beach, “Ruveer Resort” under the banner of Pal Heights will come upon three acres of land.

How supportive is the state government?

We are very much satisfied with the government. The government is always supportive of us.  Odisha is now the fastest-growing state in the country, and we are following the path of the state.

As you know, the state government has initiated ‘Make in Odisha’ for powering industrial growth. What is your view on this?

Odisha has ample natural resources and all other facilities like ports, international airports, forests, and ample water resources. But there is no such growth in the industrial sector.

So, the state government should attract more prominent investors, SEZ facilities. The government is doing robust face-lift in the tourism sector recently, which is praiseworthy. It will attract tourists all over India and boost the hospitality sector of Odisha.

You also involved in social welfare programs- How have they benefited the deprived?

No one should sleep hungry. With this thought, we have started ‘Annadana.’ Extending financial support to anyone is not service; rather, feeding them with all grace and honor is service.

We are always delighted to do this type of service, and it gives us loads of satisfaction. We are doing this for ourselves and for mental harmony. What we are eating, we served them.

Further, we are approaching the state government for allotting us small space in the Capital Hospital premises so that we will extend our support to patients and attendants by serving quality food with free of cost.

What is your success mantra?

Everyone should work hard with patience; I always believe in this and I avoid short games for mere gains.

Attitude and hard work are both required for the entrepreneur. If you adopt approach, hard work and honesty in your work, nothing could stop you from achieving success.

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