HR Employee lost job while interviewing a candidate for another company

by Subhechcha Ganguly

An HR worker at Google was shocked to learn that he had been fired from his position while he was on call with a potential employee. When his ongoing discussion with one of his applicants abruptly ended, Dan Lanigan Ryan, a recruiter working at Google’s Dublin office, learned he had been sacked from the firm, according to Business Insider.Google made 12,000 employees subject to layoffs. Some of the affected employees said that they were shocked and did not anticipate it. An employee said that he found out he had been fired when he could no longer access his account. Prior to receiving an email informing them of their termination, their management wrote off the issue as a technical one.

Ryan asserted that his email and the call with his candidate were blocked immediately after he lost access to the company website. He continued, “And that was it.” “I was left out of everything,” I said. Around 15, 20 minutes later, I read on the news that Google had announced 12,000 layoffs. Ryan also wrote a lengthy article on his firing on LinkedIn. He admitted that Google was his ideal business. When he received the job offer from Google a year ago, he was taking his dog on a stroll.

Bidisha Mohanty

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