Imran Khan calls arrest a “mere drama “


Imran Khan, a former prime minister of Pakistan, described Islamabad police’s efforts to apprehend him in the Toshakhana case as “mere theatre” and asserted that the “true objective” was to kidnap and assassinate him. “After using water cannons and tear gas, they have now turned to live fire. Last night, I put my name on a surety bond, but the DIG wouldn’t even look at it. There is no question about their malicious intent, Imran Khan added in a tweet that included a clip of the former prime minister’s followers brandishing firearms.

“There is no precedent for the way the cops are attacking our people. They bombarded inside the house where there were servants and women, using water cannons, tear gas, and other weapons, Imran Khan recounted. PTI deputy leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi remarked that “we want to remain peaceful”, stressing police should submit the arrest warrant to him and said he would “try to find a solution to avert bloodshed”.

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